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Guest Posts in Bangalore Insider

Guest Posting Guidelines

Now, get your content discovered by hundreds of thousands of people who visit Bangalore Insider. With an aim to spread positive news and stories around, Bangalore Insider has opened its platform to guest bloggers.

With guest blogging on Bangalore Insider, you can leverage it to to reach out to a new relevant audience, become a subject expert, send qualified leads to your website and  improve your search rankings.

What are the benefits of guest posting on Bangalore Insider?

Get a ready made audience for your posts:

Bangalore Insider is read by hundreds and thousands of people every month. Get yourself in front of these people by writing good, engaging content.

Become an expert in your subject:

Write interesting, engaging content in the subject of your choice. This helps you to get acknowledged as an expert and creates more credibility for you as a writer.

Send qualified traffic to your site:

Have a blog that speaks about a specific topic. Send qualified leads from Bangalore Insider to your own website. If people like your posts on Bangalore Insider, they are more likely to check out your website.

Improve your search rankings:

If your guest post on Bangalore Insider is engaging and of top quality, users are more likely to check out your website after reading it. As such, it will improve the search engine rankings of your website.

Increases your reach:

Bangalore Insider sends a weekly newsletter to all its users on new positive stories that are published during the week. If your content is of good quality, it will be included in the newsletter as one of the posts to look out for. This, therefore increase your reach.

Guidelines for writing guest posts:

Now that you know what are the benefits of writing a guest post on Bangalore Insider, lets discuss on some of the guidelines that you should follow while submitting your guest post to the editor.

Don’t write a promotional article:

One of the most important things to keep in mind while writing a guest post is not to blow your own horn. When you start writing about yourself or your company readers are able to sense it and they end up leaving the page.

Mostly, we don’t want our readers to waste their time reading an ad or a promotional post. BangaloreInsider won’t entertain you for trying to use our platform for this purpose.

Use guest posting as an opportunity to educate your audience and solve their pain points. This helps build your credibility and trust.

Use inbound links in your guest posts:

We do understand that one of the other reasons to write a guest post is to have an inbound link to your website or blog. We understand that and we are fine with providing a link on your author bio.

Do not contribute low quality posts:

Write good quality posts so that the chances of your post getting selected by the editor are more than anyone else’s. Don’t write an article just for the sake of it. It should be of good quality.

Keep the audience in mind while writing:

You are writing the article for your readers and no one else. Write in a way that readers find it really interesting and beneficial. If it is not interesting, readers will read a few sentences and then exit.

Write only positive articles:

We at Bangalore Insider take this very seriously. Bangalore Insider was formed solely for the intention of publishing stories and news that can motivate and inspire people. The articles can also be educational in nature. Here is an example of what we mean by positive. Article 1 – This is how many companies are polluting the rivers with their waste. Article 2 – These are the ways companies can  employ to not pollute rivers with their wastes. As you may have noticed, the second article focuses on solving the problem instead of just telling how the companies are contributing to the problem.

Topics and Examples

Bangalore Insider primarily writes about startups and individuals that are doing something different, something unique from the rest. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot submit articles on a particular subject.

You can write articles about specific topics like economic situations, politics, sports or more general topics like life. Some of the examples are

  1. 5 ways you can lead a healthier life.
  2. What is the best way to win friends at your workplace?
  3. How to increase your productivity in your day to day life?

These are just some sample topics. You can choose your own subject matter that you would like to write about.

How to submit your articles?

Send your articles to with the subject line as “Guest Posts”. We will review it and get back to you asap.

Things to include in the email:

  1. Article Title
  2. Article content
  3. Article images (please make sure that you have the rights to the images or use free services like or
  4. Your Author Bio