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Holy Child Convent: A premier educational hub in South Bangalore

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Schools are the center of knowledge and enlightening skills and talents of children. It’s an institution that develops a child, imparts them wisdom, and guides them in the right direction. While the values and etiquette might be consistent across all schools, few tend to stand out in terms of academics, holistic education, and overall impact on a child. Out of them, the Holy Child convent comes up most prominently.

Holy Child Convent or HCC is a premier school located in Bangalore, which is recognized by the State Education Board, Government of Karnataka. Since its inception, the school has gained milestone after milestone in all sectors, including academics or sports. HCC sports a strong alma mater which is quite helpful. Bangalore insider had the unique opportunity to speak with the school and learn more about it. All the experts from the interview are provided below.

Tell us a bit about Holy Child Convent? How did it all start? What was the idea behind starting it?

Holy Child Convent is a premier educational hub in South Bangalore. It is recognised and approved by State Educational Board, Government of Karnataka. Excellent SSLC results have made HCC a sought after school in the area.The idea of starting HCC was to contribute to the society by enlightening and empowering the young learners who are the future leaders and builders of a beautiful society.

With so many schools coming up in the last decade, how does Holy Child Convent differentiate itself from the rest?

We have created a condusive environment for learning and believe that knowledge can empower today’s students who are the future leaders and this aptly connects to HCC’s vision and motto – Knowledge is Power.

How has been the performance of the school? A school is known for it’s alumni. How is the alumni network of Holy Child Convent?

The school is one of the best in Bangalore south zone and its achievements have been acknowledged. The alma mater connect of HCC is quite strong. Networking, interacting and a host of benefits are definitely an advantage. They help to build and grow an institution’s brand.

Apart from studies does Holy Child Convent stress on other curricular activites like sports, music etc? Tell us a bit about it.
HCC provides a platform to the students to enhance their co- scholastic activities by conducting various inter school competitions, indoor and outdoor games as we believe these activities chisel the potential of students. They are encouraged to participate in zonal and district level competitions and tournaments.

With so many online learning platforms in the market, do you think these are helping students or harming students when it comes to education?

Blended learning is the need of the hour. I believe there has to be a balance between modern teaching practices along with values and social responsibility. Now in this pandemic, digital platform has become the primary medium for engagement between teachers and students.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your early life, education. Since when have you been associated with Hold Child Convent?
 I am an educationist. My schooling and higher education boosted my dream of starting a school and contributing to the society. I have been associated with HCC since its inception in 1987. I am very pleased and contented to see HCC growing from baby steps to becoming one of the best State Board Schools in the area achieving ranks every year.

My entry into Lions Club made me realise that a person’s happiness is not measured by wealth but by the happiness we bring into others life. I am involved with various charitable organisations and services and do my bit working in the education and healthcare sector.

I hardly get time but I do try to catch up with singing my favourite tunes and listening to them as it rejuvenates me.

As a principal, there is a tremendously responsibility on you as the future of the children depends on decisions you make. How do you keep up with the pressure?

In my opine, knowledge and ability to analyse are the game changers. Education must be a means to help children learn to think and make informed choices.

What is your favorite part being the principal?

Touching lives and spreading my reach further has always given me immense joy. Being able to see, connect and work with the future builders of society gives me sense of fulfillment and contentment.

The Indian education system has evolved over the years. What is the one thing that you think we can improve even further?

The system can be revamped to identify the strengths of a student thus ensuring that the child shines in that particular field. That means focus should be on skill based learning.

What are the new developments and future plans that you have for Holy Child Convent?

We at HCC believe in imparting holistic education, empowering our children with creativity and making them future ready. Our focus is to give emphasis on the development of Emotional Quotient (EQ), Social Quotient (SQ) and Intellectual Quotient(I Q).The school emphasizes on using technology in education. The Mac labs in school enable the students to explore various technologies like 3D Printing, Virtual Reality etc. The school has included Agriculture in the curriculum. Here the students will not only learn how to plant but also will gain a better understanding of production ,cultivation and importance of farmers.

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