Cover Story

Cover stories are the stories that come out mostly once a month. Cover stories cover people from diverse backgrounds but who have one thing in common – the contribution to their field which has impacted hundred of thousands of people.

Flavors Without Borders: Chef Gary Mehigan’s Culinary Expedition in Bangalore

"Explore Chef Gary Mehigan's culinary journey in Bangalore, blending international and Indian flavors for a unique dining experience."

2 months ago

How Namrata Purohit is empowering lives with Pilates

Pilates, the transformative mind-body exercise form, has garnered immense popularity in recent years, with its holistic approach to fitness and…

11 months ago

Bangalore Choice Awards – Top Social Media Influencers of 2021

In the current digital world, thanks to social media, everyone has a voice. From fighting for a cause to educate…

2 years ago

Bangalore Insider’s Most Influential People of 2021

Puneeth Rajkumar There have been only a few actors in our history who have had the love and support of…

2 years ago

Bangalore Insider’s 50 Most Influential People of 2020

The most influential of 2020, from sports to social service, business to entrepreneurship.

4 years ago

Meet Martin Dsouza – a DJ, Actor and Model all rolled into one

Twenty years back, no one could have imagined that passive consumers would turn themselves into consumers and active creators. When…

4 years ago

How Sarvesh Shashi Built Sarva Brick By Brick

"A sound mind in a sound body." Most of us are familiar with this quote by the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher…

4 years ago

How To Become A Basketball Player Agent From India

We at Bangalore Insider, avid sports fans ourselves, were completely stoked after the NBA chose Mumbai to host and organize…

5 years ago

Comic Con Is Back In Bangalore With India’s Biggest Pop Culture Expo

Imagination, creativity and community spur forward the development of popular culture. For two and a half million years, humanity pushed…

5 years ago

Fitchicks – A Fitness Movement by Women For Women

How often have you told yourself that you'll start being regular to the gym from the next week? How often…

5 years ago