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I Value Every Idea – a design led brand that creates products inspired by need

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What started off as a way to close a final project in college 9 years ago, turned into  a full time business for Navya Agarwal, founder of I Value Every Idea. Navya  Agarwal, a 23 year old product design graduate from Raffles Millennium International, was co-ordinating with some carpenters from a small village near her  hometown, Sitapur – a small town in the state of Uttar Pradesh for a custom  furniture project. She thought of putting their skills to test and asked them to create  miniature mock-ups of her furniture designs before taking up the project. To her  pleasant surprise, the small furniture pieces were carved out to perfection and that  too without any use of modern machinery, all done with traditional wood work techniques.  

This made Navya realise what they are capable of, and how she can create unique  products, using their talent and skills. Navya then decided to bring together a team  of people, which included a lady who used to clean houses, her driver’s niece and  the four carpenters that initially helped her create the furniture. They were all being paid on an hourly basis and started creating the designs that Navya envisioned. Slowly, Navya started creating miniature fridge magnets, coasters and other such  utility products. Following this, Navya participated in 3 exhibitions, and started  selling in online marketplaces. In no time, Navya had corporate orders flowing in  which boosted her confidence and helped her team grow. This is what led to the  birth of I Value Every Idea, a brand that believes in promoting art and giving  artisans a platform to showcase their talents.  

I Value Every Idea is a design led, lifestyle brand that creates aesthetic utility  products, inspired by need. With balanced elements of utility, aesthetics, quirk and  a minimalist approach, their products exclusively stand strong in different categories  that range from Workspace products, Do It yourself products, home decor, and  products for kids. They take pride in their association with one of the oldest and  most sophisticated hand skills – carpentry , and hope to keep the skill alive in young  hearts with a little blend of design.  

Their clients include companies like HCL, Round Table India, Apollo Clinic,  Cimpress, RentMojo, Nippon India, IISC and more! Over the past 9 years, their  growth has been consistent and from just a few customers and 4 carpenters, they have now moved to more than 6000 customers and trained 75+ artisans. With 200  + Corporate clients, IVEI customises bulk orders with logo’s or customised designs. Their unique products and designs make them the right choice for corporate gifting  and party favours. 

With the aim of promoting artists and their creations using IVEI products, they also  have a segment called Create with IVEI where selected artists sell products using  the DIY Range from IVEI and IVEI in-turn markets and sells their handpainted  products. The idea is to spark creativity, and help an artist in their growth by helping  them reach a wider audience.  

IVEI now has over 400+ varieties of products on their website, all handcrafted and  designed by their in-house team. The company has even brought in modern techniques to create more intricate designs. Acting as a manufacturer for many  business, they cater to all kinds of needs and make the designs that customers  have in mind come to life. With unique writing boards, pin boards and desk organisers IVEI is now a part of everyone’s desks. These products are great for  students, professionals and for corporate gifting as well.  

A company that began with 1 product, now sells pen stands, fridge magnets,  coasters, writing boards, pin boards, calendars, daily planners, key holders, phone  stands, desk organisers, do it yourself products, toys for kids, and still strongly  believes that this is just the start!  

The business aims at reaching more corporate clients, growing their team,  increasing the number of artisans they train and increasing their product range as  well. With unique designs, skilled artisans and a growth mindset – they are sure to  conquer and build their dream in no time!  

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