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Nod given to Bangalore Turf Club for online betting withdrawn

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A few months back the Karnataka Govt had given the approval to the Bangalore turf club to conduct online betting for its races. I was a decision that was welcomed by the patrons of the Bangalore Turf Club who were not able to attend any races de to the Coronavirus pandemic. Not only that, the prospect of going online by the Bangalore turf Club had many people thinking if the authorities have finally decided to give te nod for onlne betting, a betting in most Indian states in still illegal. 

However, in a recent development the Govt has stated that the earlier permission that was given to the Bangalore Turf Club has ben withdrawn. This was communicated to the Bangalore High Court which had earlier questioned the Govt’s decision to grant the permission without any authority of law.

The Karnataka High Court had earlier questioned the Govt based on a PIL which was filed by C Gopal, a resident of Bangalore. In his PIL he had mentioned that if this was allowed to happen then it would ruin many families and it might also have an adverse effect on youngsters. He had further stated that by allowing online betting, it would be allowing people from every part of the country including rural areas to participate in online betting and this might cause a huge problem in the society in the future. 

It must be noted that betting in horse races is not illegal in some states but there is no provision in the law to allow for online betting of the same. The Bangalore Turf Club was expecting to increase its dwindling revenues through this medium and many other racing organizations in other states were too thinking of following Karnataka’s lead.

Effect of the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has had an effect in many businesses in general and some businesses in particular. The Bangalore Turf club was one such affected business as races were cancelled and public gathering was prohibited. With no races happening and people not being allowed to participate, there was a huge vacuum that was created which resulted in loss of jobs among many things. The approval for the online betting was done as a measure to counter this particular consequence of the pandemic.

Court allows BTC to submit fresh applications

Even though the permission has been withdrawn, it’s not all over for the Bangalore Turf Club. The court has allowed the Bangalore Turf Club to file fresh applications and this can be taken forward with due process of law.

What lies ahead?

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