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The Literary Mirror Announces The LIT Fest 2020

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At this juncture when the whole world is plunged into absolute chaos owing to the widespread pandemic; it becomes imperative to find a positive vibe which can solace our soul. And what could be more soothing than literature which has always helped us in finding a new perspective of life? Considering this fact; the acclaimed literary magazine, The Literary Mirror has announced The LIT Fest 2020 for all the people who are keen to literature.

The LIT Fest 2020 is aimed to commemorate the literary doyens who have made an impact with their works. Not just the published authors but it has also been honoring those literary stalwarts who have been contributing in the development of literature. The LIT Fest 2020 has announced awards in 15 categories. It is accepting works in both English and Hindi language where they are taking independent writers, reviewers, literary critics, storytellers, bloggers and poets.

In the words of Nitish Raj; Editor-in-Chief & Chief Organizer, “The Literary Mirror has always been committed to bring the best literature for their readers. And it is an honour for us that we are able to recognize and commemorate the works of those literary figures who have been undoubtedly the torchbearers of the society.”

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