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Explore our advertising and guest posting plans for effective marketing. From brand awareness to product launches, our experienced consultants are ready to support your marketing needs.

Dedicated Instagram Post and Story Packages:

  • 1 post/reel + 2 stories (₹8999): Get featured with a dedicated post and two engaging stories, maximizing visibility and interaction with our audience.
  • 2 posts/reels + 5 stories (₹15999): Amplify your presence with two posts and a set of five stories, ensuring extended reach and brand exposure.

Bottom Banner Ad Packages:

  • Bottom banner ads on 5 posts (₹7999): Secure a prominent spot on the bottom half of five posts, gaining substantial visibility as users engage with forwarded content.
  • Bottom banner ads on 10 posts (₹13999): Extend your reach by featuring on the bottom half of ten posts, ensuring repeated exposure to a wide audience.

Carousel Ad Packages:

  • Ad in between carousel for 5 posts (₹5999): Capture attention by placing your ad in between slides of carousel posts for five instances, reaching users as they navigate through news content.
  • Ad in between carousel for 10 posts (₹9999): Maximize engagement with your ad appearing between slides of carousel posts for ten instances, guaranteeing sustained visibility and interest.

What are the bottom banner ads?

  • Placement: The bottom banner ad is strategically positioned on the bottom half of all our posts, ensuring prime visibility as users engage with shared content.
  • Visibility: Given that our posts are frequently forwarded among friends and family, your ad gains significant attention. Users naturally look at the bottom banner while reading news or stories shared by their connections.
  • Benefit: This placement guarantees high visibility and attention, making it an ideal spot for businesses to showcase their products, services, or messages. The ad is more likely to be noticed and absorbed as users engage with shared content from their social circles.

What are the carousel ads?

  • Format: Our stories primarily feature carousel posts with two to three slides, allowing users to navigate through the content for a comprehensive news experience.
  • Placement: Carousel ads are strategically inserted in between these slides, ensuring that users come across your ad while consuming news content.
  • Visibility: As users swipe through the carousel to read the news, they encounter your ad in a natural flow. This placement capitalizes on user engagement with the content, making it more likely for users to read and engage with the ad.
  • Benefit: Carousel ads provide an interactive and seamless way for businesses to connect with the audience. The ad becomes an integral part of the news consumption experience, enhancing the chances of users engaging with and retaining the information presented.

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Bangalore Insider’s Instagram gets more than 200,000 impressions per month. Instagram brand awareness plans include regular posts, story posts, reels or our native ads on all our posts on Instagram. For Instagram brand awareness plan details please Whatsapp us.

Guest Post Publishing Plans for SEO

These are posts that are put up only on the website The Instagram package needs to be subscribed separately.


  • Normal category post: $50 per post
  • Sports/fantasy sports/etc category post: $150 per post

Payment Methods:

  • Direct bank transfer
  • Payment through a link provided by us
  • ETH (Ethereum)


  • Two do-follow backlinks will be provided with each post

Post Permanence:

  • All posts are permanent


  • Posts will be published within two days of receiving the full payment


  • We do not publish CBD/adult posts
  • Posts directly promoting gambling are not accepted
  • No link exchanges are entertained


  • We do not accept PayPal or Payoneer Payments