See How Bach Flower therapy are used for mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being?

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Developments in neuroscience and quantum physics often intermesh and end up on the possibilities and potential of improving one’s mind and subsequently one’s physical body over time with effort and discipline; to be healthy and happy. While lifestyles, circumstances and habits absorbed due to modern capitalism and politics’ demands on humanity worldwide entail many cons; it is prudent to reason that we need to arrive at a middle ground when it comes to balancing its cons with its obvious pros; namely the fact that it has been the only system of sorts to increase average life spans and comfort for large amounts of people in the shortest amount of time measured over generations; albeit with many cons, namely a steady erosion of traditional food habits and the rise of lifestyle related diseases in unprecedented numbers.

What is the synergistic, middle ground we can all arrive at?

First, admit the problems caused by cosmopolitanism and reckless capitalism over our lifestyle habits. Second, admit that solutions to them do exist provided we seek them in the right manner instead of denigrating things we do not understand yet. Third, accept that modern science has not reached many arenas yet and will do so; most glaringly obvious is in properly examining age old medicinal and health practices with an open lens. While one side blames the other for its ‘non-scientific practices’; the other usually ends up defending itself even more vigorously; as it ought to do when attacked. Such a discourse ought to take place at a common ground where each side admits the pros, cons, limitations or requirements of each other; and then lets the end user have his or her pick from time to time, as needed.

Today, at Bangalore insider we spoke to Mr. Indroneil Mukerjee an accomplished Bach Flower therapist for mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. He is also an Applied Behavioral scientist, certified therapist and a qualified Indian musician. Below are the excerpts from our interaction.

Using the healing power of plants is exactly what we as humans have been doing for thousands of years. In your practice, which are the plants that have helped people overcome their health issues the most?

Bach Flower remedies are extract of flowers of some wild trees and bushes that grows in the country-side of England. When mixed with spring water, their vibrational imprint is transferred to it. These extracts are then preserved using grape brandy.

There are 38 such remedies – all vibrational in nature – that form the repertoire of Bach Flower remedy. Out of these 37 are floral extracts and 1 natural spring water itself.

It is important to note that these remedies are purely vibrational. The frequency of the signature vibration of each flower is much higher than that of sentient beings, thus enabling harmonizing of negative emotions, which cause our vibrational frequency to fall drastically.

Are there any standards that one has to follow when gathering the healing plant? Are they picked up from the wild (if yes, where?)? Are they cultivated by select organic farmers with whom you’ve possibly tied up?

In India, the remedies are procured either as stock remedies that typically are imported from UK or as ready-to-use dilutions, made available by several manufacturers. 

In terms of effectiveness and awareness, do you think Bach Flower Therapy still lacks the traction that it deserves here in urban India, where many lifestyle disorders and mental health issues are prevalent? 

Bach Flower remedies are used in more than 70 countries. In India, as compared to many other countries, not many even know about them, forget use them for getting healed.

There is no issue with their effectiveness. It’s proven beyond doubt that Bach Flower therapy, if done right, can be more effective than any other modality, particularly in healing emotional and mental challenges. Not only that, the remedies used in the therapy are simple to use, absolutely safe and without any risk of over dosage or addiction.

I guess, it’s a question of time, for people to reach out for Bach Flower therapy to heal lifestyle disorders and mental health issues, in preference to any other modality.

What do you mean by ‘awakening’ the individual to sustain a state of awareness? Are you referring to a state of being where the mind and body are in unison in thought and feeling? What else? 

The dictionary meaning of awakening is the act of awaking from sleep. This awakening refers to the inner awakening.

Ordinarily man is sleeping and dreaming of being awake. Thus, not getting truly awakened, easily. It is only when there is a sudden jolt or when he transcends the maze of patterned thoughts by some other means, like presencing, he awakens to behold the reality in light of awareness – the true formless Self, the higher self, the essence. He, once again gets connected to this essence which restores harmony in his overall being.

Bach Flower remedies catalyses this awakening, this reconnection with the essence by dissolving the blocks – the egoic conditioning hidden in the unconscious – that come in the way.

Are there standardized protocols that one has to follow when it comes to Bach flower therapy or do you personalize everything to the patient’s lifestyle and requirements?

There are no one-size-fits-all solution in Bach Flower therapy.

Each individual is unique. A client-centric Bach Flower therapist upholds this truth and carries out a structured diagnosis (through consultation) to uncover negative emotions, thoughts, behaviours and the underlying drivers that cause them. Based on his findings he prescribes / makes customized composites (combination of Bach Flower remedies).

What is the main role of a life coach? Does the life coach have a life coach?

A life coach is a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfilment. He aids his clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. He can also help in clarifying goals, identify obstacles and come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. In creating these strategies, a life coach leverages one’s strengths and talents.

A Transformational Life Coach takes a deeper and more involved approach to helping people attain fulfilment. He accompanies the individual in his transformational journey, helping him in getting out from the vicious circle to embrace his virtues and thereby create a more virtuous reality. There is nothing he brings from outside to supplement the individual’s understanding. Instead, he facilitates exploration and discovery from within to awaken his innate wisdom.

Does the life coach have a life coach? Not always. In my case, I chose to learn from my life, by being explorative and introspective. My deep experience in applied behavioural sciences helped me to plumb into depths, continuously un-carve and re-carve myself and awaken my own innate wisdom. In course of this journey, I came across many individuals who held a mirror for me to see myself. The journey still continues and shall continue, perhaps till I get to ‘know’ (not understand) who I truly am.

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