Carewel offers 5-star standard cleaning services at a single click.

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness. But, at times, we cannot clean our home or workplace all by ourselves. That doesn’t mean the dirt has to pile up, especially when the pandemic has its adverse effect on us. Besides that, getting a janitor or housekeeper is very difficult these days.

Carewel is an office upkeep and facilities management company from Bangalore. They offer a range of services for sectors ranging from corporates in the IT segment, factories, retail, malls, hotels and hospitals. A dedicated team with high technical support is their highlight. They also render pantry services, gardening and maintenance. To know more, check out the interview we prepared with Bharathi Kamath, Managing Director, Carewel. 

When you look back on your life so far, what gives you the most amount of pride and an amazing sense of achievement? 

Having spent   the major part of my  life in Bangalore, my proudest moments and accomplishments have all been in my hometown. Among all these, I am most proud of Carewel, a company I started over two decades ago and built the company from scratch without any experience as an entrepreneur.

 The sense of accomplishment stems from the path taken, the hurdles overcome and lessons learned along the way. Among all  the most satisfaction was in the fact that I was creating jobs and employment for  people of this city and affecting the lives and growth of so many people.

Bangalore’s emergence as a property hub is a wave many have capitalised on to build their fortunes, including you. On an emotional level, how much do you relate to this city and its people? 

The city is a melting pot of diverse group of people and clients from different segments, and I have fully immersed myself in that since my earliest memories. And in any business, it all boils down to connecting with people on an emotional level. I have harnessed my roots, and attachment to Bangalore to its fullest and it is only through this that I have been able to navigate my way to a successful career.

What are your plans for Carewel for the next 1 year? As a full-fledged hygiene and cleanliness company.  

The pillars of our plan for the next year are adaptation and growth in Bangalore and Chennai where we already have our presence. . I strongly believe that in this business you have to be constantly evolving and adapting,  and risk  should be left behind. The last year has been a tremendous learning experience and I have eagerly embraced it all and I am now working on learning from  these lessons and implementing them to growth of Carewel.

Geographically, we are also looking beyond the Bangalore market. Once we are able to establish a strong foothold in Chennai, we will look to expand to other markets and cities Pan India.

Financially we are working towards doubling our turnover by end of next year

However all the above does not stop us from commitment  and plan in implementing initiatives within the organization which will benefit employees. We also intend to work on collaborative projects with our clients towards the community and neighborhood around the areas where we provide our service.

‘Quality’ has always been a big buzzword in our space. The context of the word has constantly been evolving and we always  been working to adapt to that dynamic change.

Who has been your most ideal client and why?

Most of  my clients have been model clients of mine. 

On who is my most ideal and amazing clients –  Fanuc India and Harman International and Harman Connected services and Bagmane group.

They  have provided me the opportunity to be their vendor, but have been much more than just a client. Over the years the liasoning  with their procurement and facility team has  provided me with feedback and constructive criticism that have helped us grow with other clients. The relationship transcends just the professional levels as several people at the clients place  have become friends  and mentors of  mine.

What would you tell your younger self, say 20 years ago, both personally and professionally? 

I established Carewel  two decades ago and what propelled me was the multi fold impact one could make which was the high level driver in my entrepreneurial  route.

It was my passion and obsession to focus on the grass root entry level labour force participation of women which would impact the several lives.

Despite having the same passion even now, I  would tell my 20 year younger self to have not taken the issues and problems of building a business too emotionally and to not stress out about the small things. To keep your head up and not worry about the minutia, and keep focus on the long-term larger goals of Carewel and my  AMAZING  MANAGMENMENT TEAM   and  THE CLEANING WARRIORS  who have worked relentlessly all through the pandemic ensuring workplace safety and hygiene.


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