Eat Healthy and Organic food from Jivan Organics.

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Bethenny Frankel had once said, “Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” We have the opportunity to choose between a wide array of food these days, yet the hunt for the good one among these is challenging. Almost every food item available in the market seems appealing from the outside but needn’t be healthy. 

Jivan Organics is an organic food retailing business. They sell a wide range of products in association with farmers who practise organic methods. Through this start-up, they were able to spread awareness about the benefits of organic farming and eating healthy. To connect with the team and know more, check out the interview with Saritha S S, Founder, Jivan Organics.

How does Jivan Organics plan to expand its presence in other localities of Bangalore? Are such plans on the table? 

Thanks to the invent of the internet, we are available everywhere. You can find us on amazon as well and also we have online stores where the products are delivered to your house anywhere in Bangalore. We are currently researching on finding strategic locations across Bangalore to open our stores. Hopefully, very soon you would find more Jivan Organics stores across Bangalore. 

How personally does Jivan Organics resonate with you? Is it the fact that you’re giving people access to fresh organic produce which are healthy and nutritious? What other aspects of your project mean the most to you personally?

I have been an organic grower myself before starting Jivan Organics. I have many friends and relatives in the farmers’ community who practice organic and Zero budget Natural farming to grow chemically free produce. I always wanted to find a medium to bring the farmers and the consumer closer so that the farmer gets the right price for his produce and the consumer also is sure of the source of his food. This is very importance in today’s markets where chemicals have dominated most of our lives. I do not have to explain how careful we need to be about the food we eat because as the famous saying goes “You are what you eat”. Also with the prevailing amount of diseases in today’s times, it is very important for everyone to eat food that is fresh and nutritious. The idea of helping farmers as well as the consumers has always excited me personally. The idea of Jivan Organics is to bring both of these communities together so that they can benefit from each other. This is my way of supporting the building of a stronger generation in the future. 

There have been a lot of published literature with regards to the negative environmental impacts of organic farming, yet at the same there are a lot of literature about the positive impacts as well; therefore, as per you what is the right thing? Readers want to know the right details.

Organic farming is not new in India. Our older generations have always consumed organic produce only. Organic farming is using natural products to enhance the soil strength and retain the necessary vitamins and minerals of the produce, it is the natural way of producing the food, it can never be harmful and that is the right way to eat, irrespective of the literature available in the market today. At Jivan Organics, we are in touch with farmers who use only natural kinds of manure and fertilizers for the crops. I have personally seen, many of my friends leaving their corporate jobs and picking up organic farming. We personally monitor the way the farmers grow their products throughout before we make them available under our brand. I would like to assure to the readers that Jivan Organics only has products grown the natural way, so the products can be freely consumed. Our products are rich in natural vitamins and minerals. 

How do you see yourself in terms of the goals you’ve set for yourself over say, the next 2 years, both personally for yourself and professionally for Jiva Organics? 

In the next two years, we would have our own produce under our brand. Planning to include 50 new products at least. We would have more stores across Bangalore and extent these stores across the country. We plan to make sure that most of the consumers would have access to natural produce. We are researching on how to get the organic prices less so that our consumer base will develop. Most major businesses are successful if there is a win – win situation for both the seller and buyer, we are striving to achieve that. The satisfaction of being able to provide healthy food to my consumers and their satisfaction of eating healthy food from Jivan Organics is the ultimate goal. That would be my biggest victory as being a part of the farmers’ community. 

What the ideal day as per you, from the time you wake up to the time you settle in for the night? 

I wake up early and start my day with meditation. Then I go to my stores every day. I educate my team at the stores about the produce that we sell so that they can explain the same to the customers. I am in touch with farmers and call them every other day to find out about their produce. Once a while I also do a farm visit to see the produce growing myself. I also sometimes personally communicate with my customers. As the day ends, we keep track of the business during the day. We also collect feedback and upgrade our processes at the stores to improve ourselves. This is a daily process we follow to keep us on par with our competition. 


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