Ink n Bliss: A calligraphy & design studio providing custom calligraphy services

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There isn’t much difference when it comes to good and best in terms of ability. Yet, the best are usually ones who strive a little bit harder, a little bit extra heart, a little more, here and there, and it all adds up one fine day into a superb offering that creates the best value for whom it’s intended. It’s the same with human actions. When moments and experiences can be made extra special, why shouldn’t we? After all, good feelings and emotions represent the cornerstones of what makes us human. Therefore, live extra each moment. Strive to make others happy, little by little. 

In a market where things hover to become commodities after a point of time, what does it take to differentiate an individual and an enterprise? What does it take to stand out? We all need a little bit extra effort to show up on some days. Yet, those days seem to be worth the extra effort since they tend to pay off big in the long run. It’s the same with our experiences, especially ones that are intended to be for someone else, for someone else’s happiness, to show that you cared and went the extra mile. 

Today, at Bangalore Insider, we spoke to Pooja, the founder of Ink n Bliss, a calligraphy and design studio that providers services for brands, enterprises and events. In a day and age of commodification, the experience market continues to find avenues to be creative, and they surely have to. Below are the excerpts from our interaction.

Give us a brief introduction about Ink N Bliss?

Ink n Bliss is a calligraphy & design studio based in Mumbai. We provide custom calligraphy services for luxury brands, corporates, weddings & events. In simple words, whenever people want to convey their messages or feelings to their loved ones in a beautiful way, they come to us & we try to make it as memorable as possible through our beautiful writing aka calligraphy. 

What made you start Ink N Bliss and what are its main offerings?  Tell us about yourself, your previous jobs/ventures? What were you doing before Ink N Bliss?

Calligraphy is my passion & I love bringing more joy to people’s celebrations through calligraphy. Since childhood I was very particular about good handwriting & had a keen interest in arts. I completed my graduation in Arts College. I learnt calligraphy there from my amazing teachers but after completing my studies I started working with advertising agencies. It was quite interesting for the first few years. But when I got caught up in the busy schedule, strict deadlines, an almost 24×7 working culture… I started losing interest in it. I never really enjoyed sitting in front of a computer all the time and so I started doing calligraphy again as a means to relax myself and to take a break from the mundane. Holding a calligraphy pen again after almost 7 to 8 years was enticing and liberating. I was amazed at the positive vibes it created around me. Suddenly I started feeling better & I decided do something about it. At that time I was working as an Art Director with DDB Mudra & side by side I started Ink n Bliss around 2017. I have been working in this industry for the last 5 years & this journey has brought many magnificent moments in my life.

As per the services are concerned, we offer services mainly for weddings, event companies & for luxury brands. We specialise in copperplate & Devanagari scripts & We also offer calligraphy courses from beginner to advanced level for those who are interested in learning. We also enjoy selling calligraphy products & engraved goodies on our website.

Tell us about what makes Ink N Bliss different compared to its competitors?

We provide exquisite craftsmanship, eye for detailing and high levels of quality and professionalism. We treat people’s celebration as our own & give each handwritten piece a personal, caring & loving touch that their owners would give. Our work is desirable because our customer feels the presence of the person who is writing it. We also offer some unique services like Gold Foiling, Vinyl Cutting, Engraving, writing in Indian scripts, writing on many different surfaces etc. that makes us stand out from the rest.

Do you conduct online virtual workshops? Any upcoming workshops?

I love sharing what I know & so I offer calligraphy workshops online & offline too. Our upcoming online workshop is happening in the month of May & I am already very excited to begin. The focus of the workshop is on beginners & taking them along step by step on a copperplate script journey. It’s also a great fit for someone who has already learned the script & want to get better at it thoroughly.

Where is Ink N Bliss based out of? Why do you think that is the best place for you?

Ink n Bliss is based in Borivali, Mumbai. Do I need to say anything else ? I mean Mumbai is the hub of artistic things & exciting people who are willing to experience different art forms & are also ready to pay for the same. I feel blessed that I started my journey in Mumbai.

Who are your competitors and what are you doing to be better than them?

There are many. Especially during lockdown I have seen that the calligraphy community has grown exponentially & it’s like every other person is doing calligraphy. But more than competitors we are like a community. We look at each other not as a competitor but as a calligrafriends & we even refer to each other for different works. I firmly believe in community over competition & I feel together we accomplish things on a different level. 

When it comes to my work or writing, whatever I do, I don’t do it to differentiate myself from others. I enjoy what I do & I try to give my best in every project. I love bringing more joy to people’s celebrations by creating excellent artworks & putting all my energy in that particular project. The results are almost always breathtaking.

How hard is it to have a work-life balance as a founder and how do you manage it?

Aah man ! Work – Life is a real hustle & there is no right balance as such. But one thing that I have realised is focusing your mind & energies at one moment at a time. I mean when I am with my baby or I am doing household chores, I don’t think about work or sending someone that mail or work on that pitch. I simply play with my child & pay full attention to her. When I am working I make sure that I am not thinking about my baby, how is she or if she is OK etc. I try to only work & this mindset has brought a tremendous amount of efficiency in my work & life.  Ink n Bliss is also like my baby & for me work & life both have equal importance.

What gets you excited about Ink N Bliss?

Be it birthday, wedding day, graduation day or any other special day, when people come to me, get something done for their loved ones & when they call me or message me saying …. I just loved it, Pooja. The piece was brilliant & magical. These words of satisfaction are what excites me more than anything. People’s happiness means the world to me & I am grateful that I can use my art to bring joy in people’s life.

Tell us how a day in your life looks like? Your schedule for a day right from the time you get up till you hit the bed at night.

Hahahahah, let me tell you, I have a toddler in my house so I don’t have a particular schedule at all. It’s my daughter who runs the day. Most of the time I try to get up early around 5.30 – 6 am to complete my writing work. Then I go out to walk around 7 & come back to prepare breakfast, to wake my daughter up & till 10 I finish all the household work. From 10 to 11 I check my mails, whatsapp, social media etc. Then I play with my baby. 11 to 2 is usually its play time & lunch time. Then around 2 to 4.30 my daughter sleeps so I get some time to work. Once she is up then again getting her out to play, making dinner, having dinner is all I do. By the end of the day, if any energy remains at all then I sit again for work around 9, 9.30 & try to sleep by 11. I know, it’s like more of play & less of work but that’s how it is for now.

Exciting future plans for Ink N Bliss?

Future looks bright & interesting as my team is growing & we have many new plans. We are coming up with new products for our calligraphy community & we are adding many new things to our portfolio. There are a bunch of new workshops & classes we are planning on different topics that will help other calligraphers & more than that I am continuously adding new skill sets to myself which is so exciting.


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