Interics Designs Pvt. Ltd.: redefining Design as per the Industry requirements

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Interics Designs Pvt. Ltd. is a Pune based startup established in 1995 which is founded by Priya.

One of the key aspects of Spatial Branding is to focus on providing end-to-end solutions for Industry Excellence Center setups which provide immersive real-time customer experiences, says Priya. 


We got an opportunity to talk with Priya, it is an inspiring story of the founder. Read her full story to know more about the startup.


Team: Interics Designs Pvt. Ltd.



Give a brief info about your company?

Established in 1995, Interics Designs Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary and integrated brand creation agency. Leading and carving its path for more than two decades, Interics offers holistic and end to end solutions for all brand image building needs. Specializing in the B2B industry, Interics’ core focus is to translate clients’ business objectives into effective, communicative and integrated design solutions.

It has redefined “Design” by offering and establishing Focused Verticals as per the Industry requirements.

SEED (Strategic Exhibition & Environmental Display) – which is exclusively focused on strategic exhibition designs and installations.

Spatial Branding Vertical which focuses on Industrial and corporate spaces.

Space branding – is the mould-breaking process of visually addressing a brand identity and image, and systematically integrating it into a physical space. It offers objective driven space branding for corporate offices, factories and manufacturing plants by blending the creative material use for installations along with technological solutions, which are in sync with the client’s brand requirements.

One of the key aspects of Spatial Branding is to focus on providing end-to-end solutions for Industry Excellence Center setups which provide immersive real-time customer experiences.

Brand Image Building and Communication vertical- Due to unique processes, its inimitable programs offer a Strategic Positioning Plan along with communication solutions which are in line with marketing plans of Industrial clients. It’s a vast range of branding promotion services offering Strategy, Concept, Design, Execution & Implementation.


What made you start your company and what problem does it solve?

My husband and I started this company back in 1995 with an objective to create distinct brand identities for companies operating in the B2B sector. Our mission was to take these manufacturing companies’ visual brand image and bring them to a level at par with any international brand.

Branding was the most neglected and ignored aspect of the B2B sector in India. Empowering these companies with a robust brand image in their respective domain was the ‘need of the hour’ as there was a very visible gap in the implementation of communication. The market was hungry; starving for this specific expertise on the ground level.


Tell us about yourself, your previous jobs/ventures? What were you doing before starting this company?

I am a qualified designer and a management professional. I have worked with advertising agencies to gather considerable experience prior to getting into this venture. My expertise lies in formulating highly effective corporate strategies to convert product-offerings into brands.

A single mother of 2 and a woman entrepreneur, I consider my work to be my passion; though I spend as much time as I can with my kids. I try to find solace in swimming and I love travelling. It brings me great joy being behind the camera capturing nature in the great outdoors.


Where is your company based out of? Why do you think that is the best place for you?

We are based out of Pune and the city has emerged as the “Detroit of India” in the last few decades. On the other hand it has also evolved as a hub for many global manufacturing giants from Germany, Sweden, USA, Italy and many more. It seems to be the perfect match for us in terms of our services and our expertise in the B2B sector. Additionally, the proximity to Mumbai is definitely a plus, being the country’s financial capital and ‘HQ’ for many major companies.


As a founder, what are you paranoid about? What keeps you awake at night?

After running the business for 25 years, I have streamlined processes and the role-plays well. Uncertainty of the business and lack of focus made me paranoid at first, but today, Interics is well structured, well placed, and has a well qualified and committed team.

I can proudly say that this is the backbone of Interics and it has made me fearless in the business.

So…what keeps me up at night? Thinking outside the box.


Who are your competitions and how are you better than them?

I always like to stay ahead of time for which I travel globally to understand new and trending things in the world. Our endeavour is to offer new and value added solutions to our clients. For example, we are amongst top few branding agencies involved in setting up full-fledged technology centres/customer experience centres for clients.

We have evolved ourselves as experts in this segment. I will not be able to speak much about competition but our core expertise lay in providing integrating branding solutions to B2B sector across verticals be it Manufacturing, Automation & Machine Tools, Packaging, Automobile & components, Pharma amongst others.


How hard is it to have a work life balance as a founder and how do you manage it?

Well, a normal day spans out to an average of 12-14 hours of work. Entrepreneurship is a full time job. Business is a 24 by 7 responsibility. Having said that I have learned to balance personal and professional life.

Raising up young children single handedly and running a business definitely is an uphill task. Today Mehul (My Son) and Mehak (My Daughter) are totally independent, so it‘s easier for me to nurture my photography hobby now.


Have you raised funding? If yes, then we would like to know the details. If no, then please tell us if you are looking to raise.

We are well-established brand and operational from last 25 years in the industry. Healthy growth factor has sustained the business dynamics and managed to expand without raising funds.


What’s the biggest misconception people have about you? Why do they have that? What’s the reality?

I am a task master and expect discipline and commitment from my work force.

This demanding nature tends to create issues with my team members and with other associates.

My priorities are well defined, however people misconstrue that for being anti social.


What gets you excited about this company?

There are many things to be excited about this company but one thing I am elevated about is continuous innovation & creativity happening in design and communication space.

This company helps me learn new things, new technological breakthroughs in industries on daily basis.

Every project comes with new challenges, new concepts and it’s quite mentally stimulating to explore and acquire knowledge while you travel this journey.


Tell us how a day in your life looks like? Your schedule for a day right from the time you get up till you hit the bed at night.

My day starts at 6 A.M and I spend few 40 minutes reading and 20 minutes doing pranayama.

Swimming is part of my exercise routine after that.

Mostly I reply to urgent and quick emails by 8.30 am.

Then post breakfast I am on my desk at 9.30 am. After office mostly chit -chatting with kids, family and some domestic work planning

9 pm is dog walking for about 25 min. During this time no digital device, just me and my dog.

Its time for ideation and planning.

At 10.30 I call it a day and its time for bedtime.


Tell us about your team and how did you meet each other?

Most of my team members are young and dynamic, may be half my age and we have appointed them from industry. But few team members are with me from last 20-25 years who are involved in execution and implementation aspect of our business.


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