What Really Matters

What really Matters?

To put things in perspective let’s understand if getting a perfect job or being successful in your marriage is the only thing which matters?

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This is a most commonly used phrase and has been there with us since inception, for occasions big or small, situation serious or light, to a young one or an adult; it is always been a topic of concern- What really matters? I remember when growing up most of our parents were so petrified with our exam results as if we were little monks performing a ceremony to adopt vows of celibacy. The only thing expected was to perform with an absolute excellence, be it juggling between academies, work or family. Even Lord Krishna while giving life lessons to Arjuna suggests the importance of Duty and encourages one to perform his duties without worrying about the end results. And we being typical humans saw only the cream on the cake, very less actually understood the depth of it, the true meaning of being dutiful.

Krishna who is also known as a spiritual guru has left us many things to learn. From devotion to love, ultimate reality to one’s duty, and friendship to generosity he’s an encyclopedia with an ocean of knowledge. So, let’s first understand what he meant by ‘performing your duties’.

  • Krishna faced a lot of pain in his life from the very first day of his birth but his smile never dimmed. So, one of our duties is to continue smiling no matter what. You may involve in any and all types of duties, but inside, remain a beholder.
  • While you are busy performing a task don’t get driven by its results. Detachment from its consequences will only lead you to a path of satisfaction.
  • Never give up on your passion. Krishna had so many duties to handle, a kingdom to rule, massive wars to fight, proffer time for his loved ones but he never stopped playing his flute. No matter how hard the situation was he always had time for his musical passion.
  • Value every friend in your life. Krishna didn’t discriminate any of his friends on any grounds. He believed eternal friends are built only with love and respect.
  • One who hangs himself into desires is never happy. He suffers from distress and anxiety. Hence, don’t let your desires control your mind.
  • Be ready for the change, sometimes we need to change our course of actions to stir ourselves and give us a new challenge and direction.

So, with this never ending chain of expectations, fulfillment and man-made happiness did we literary forgot to live our lives? Did we become yet another obedient rats of the race?

This world has become a constant rank tracker for most of us, if I may put this in an example I would say, all we worry about is our past and future. From our grandparents to our parents to us, the only legacy we take pride in is being able to match up with the social and financial status. That need, to want more and not being able to decide when to stop and start enjoying what you have, has become a very common nature of people. Right from having the most luxurious cars to stressing about the next travel destination, while we still struggle to figure out finances for our kids education; we have become a complete deaf towards contentment and how to celebrate life in what we have. They say life is being in present and accepting it as whole.

So lets ponder on everything I just said and weigh it as per your understanding on what actually did matter and what we think matters! Did getting a distinction helped us define who we are today? or getting into a startup at our thirties was the only benchmark? Yes, our retirement plans should be well in place and the life we lead should give us mental peace at nights, but at what cost? Are we comparing ourselves with other hard enough that the only reciprocal is being anxious and complex? Or are these only obligations to keep up with the society and its fear?

Today when the whole humanity is finding an escape from man-made fears, our insecurities have reached at its highest point. Fear to be socially misunderstood, loosing connect with the corporate world for following your passion or letting your sexual identify out in the strong opinionated society we live in. It’s time that we really need to shun our constant fight with ourselves of becoming better than others and take a minute to realize what damage these acts have done to our beautiful personalities. It took me years to understand or perhaps I am still learning how to make peace with the things we already have but never valued them enough.

It sounds easy but when you come to think of it not everyone knows what is important to them in life. While, we grind our brains into understanding this deeper, let’s discuss out few things which is all what it takes to lead a peaceful and contended life:

  • The state of calmness when you sit down in outdoors and enjoy a cup of tea with your loved one. That’s a true blessing.
  • Having all the meals shared with the family while you sit across each other and cheer up on the times spend together. It’s true, a family which eats together stays together.
  • Able to learn your favorite food recipe by your grandmother herself? Wow, that’s fortunate enough, hold on to it.
  • Having someone around to share how your day went by, not many people have that shoulder to lean on. You are lucky!
  • Still connected with old friends who stayed when everything else didn’t make sense, consider yourself special. Have you heard it before, quality beats quantity at all time?
  • Does your job allows you to dream big? If no, then shouldn’t you be looking for something instead more aspiring? Jack Ma once quoted, ‘We are never in lack of money. We lack people with dreams, who can die for those dreams. Once in your life, try something.’
  • Those little letters written to you by your children. Does that bring tears in your eyes? Keep them so close to you so that you can keep re-reading them when the times are rough and you feel down.
  • Waking up to a face which demands your attention, love and utmost care at all times. You feel loved and wanted? Isn’t that something which everyone wants to experience?

Well, there’s no end to such beautiful things and feelings in life and according to me that is all which should really matter! Accepting life as a whole, embracing all situations of life with your whole heart, being able to cherish every moment with your loved ones around is all what we need. This is the only truth. So, next time when you are forced to think otherwise you know what needs to be done.

Realize, the true joy is in the smallest things and dwelling too much on your past or future only leaves you in a state of confusion and dissatisfaction. The only asset of your life is a state of realization when you are able to differentiate between what didn’t matter and what will make a real difference in the journey of your life.


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