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The most unique anti-app dating platform in Bangalore

SayHeyy is the anti-app dating platform that is trying to encourage natural interactions in social hotspots by sharing clues for clubs, cafes etc

“I hate dating apps,” said Sonali (name changed), a dating app user in Bengaluru. “You need to keep doing the same thing over and over again—introduce yourself, chat for days, only to find out the guy is nothing like he portrayed.” This frustration is increasingly common in big Indian cities like Bangalore. As the number of users on these apps grows, the algorithms struggle to find suitable matches.

So, how can this issue be resolved?

One startup aiming to solve this problem is SayHeyy, an anti-app dating platform that encourages natural interactions in social hotspots.

“The word ‘Heyy’ has sparked more relationships than most dating apps combined,” reads one of SayHeyy’s taglines.

Women First, Women Friendly

SayHeyy prioritizes a women-friendly approach, addressing common complaints from women on dating apps, such as:

  1. Receiving unwanted messages and graphics.
  2. Being stalked on social media.
  3. Men saying one thing but wanting something else.

To counter these issues, SayHeyy promotes a physical meet-up approach without resembling a singles event. SayHeyy is neither a dating app nor a speed-dating event. Instead, it offers a fresh idea where excitement returns to meeting people at social hotspots in your city through shared clues.

Every month, SayHeyy provides clues for clubs, cafes, beaches, and other places in the city. Imagine planning to go to a club or chill at a beach. With SayHeyy clues, you can spot other singles there who are ready to chat.

SayHeyy acts as a big icebreaker, focusing on natural connections rather than orchestrating meet-ups solely for dating. 

SayHeyy has expanded to cities like New York, London, Bangalore, Bali, and Singapore, and people love the concept.

“What I like about SayHeyy is that it’s so natural. You don’t go somewhere with a sole intention, but I’ve met so many great people naturally through it,” said one user.

With dating apps proving to be a dud, SayHeyy is poised to revolutionize the dating game with its unique concept.

SayHeyy is currently accepting users through a waitlist in various cities around the world. Join the waitlist here!

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